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Transform Your Home with Exquisite 

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Crafting Timeless Elegance: Elevate Your Home with Unmatched Remodeling Mastery

Revitalize Your Home

Crafting Timeless Spaces with Unmatched Expertise

Trust us to reimagine your kitchen and bathroom into luxurious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing havens.


Our Seamless Remodeling Process


Consultation and Vision Exploration

Initiate your transformation with a detailed consultation, refining your vision for personalized kitchen and bathroom spaces.


Precision Design and Planning

Watch your dreams take shape with meticulous design, ensuring every detail is considered for a flawless remodeling blueprint.


Execution and Completion:

Experience the skilled craftsmanship that brings your dream spaces to life, guaranteeing a seamless and sophisticated transformation.

Kitchen Transformation

Exquisite Culinary Craftsmanship

Cabinet Transformation

Revitalize your kitchen's core with meticulous cabinet redesign and installation, offering personalized storage solutions and a refreshed aesthetic to accommodate your evolving needs.

Appliance Modernization

Embrace cutting-edge culinary technology by seamlessly integrating and upgrading your kitchen appliances, enhancing both efficiency and the contemporary charm of your cooking space.

Countertop Elegance and Functionality

Achieve the perfect balance of style and practicality with a diverse selection of premium countertop materials, expertly crafted and installed to elevate your kitchen's visual appeal and usability.

Outdoor Kitchen

Transform your outdoor living space into a culinary haven with our expert outdoor kitchen services. Elevate your patio experience by seamlessly blending the joys of cooking and entertainment.

Our team specializes in creating functional and stylish outdoor kitchens, featuring durable materials and innovative designs.

From sleek grilling stations to cozy dining areas, we turn your patio into a luxurious extension of your home, perfect for enjoying meals and making lasting memories in the open air.

Bathroom Renovation

Elegant Bath Mastery

Vanity Revitalization

Transform your bathroom's focal point with expertly designed and installed vanities, offering both functional storage and an aesthetic upgrade tailored to your preferences.

Fixture Modernization

Elevate your bathroom experience by incorporating modern fixtures, from sleek faucets to energy-efficient lighting, seamlessly blending style with enhanced functionality.

Tiling Mastery

Immerse your bathroom in sophistication with meticulous tiling solutions, ranging from luxurious floor designs to stunning shower enclosures, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

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Why Remodel

Investing in the Heart of Your Home

Explore the numerous benefits of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, from increased home value to enhanced daily living.

Contact us for a personalized quote and take the first step toward elevating the heart of your home.

Our method has been tested

“Sam is truly a Class Act. As with most customers that go through a major remodel, my wife and I went back and forth on our choices for the cabinets and countertop, and not once did Sam flinch or pushback. On the contrary, there were certain additional items that were not part of our initial discussions (and estimate) that Sam voluntarily brought up and offered to do for us (at no additional cost) despite knowing that it would mean additional labor to him. Aware that we had wanted the remodel to be completed before Christmas as were hosting a party at home, Sam spent most of Christmas eve literally rolling up his sleeves and working non-stop for over 8 hours (without even meal breaks) and left only after he personally cleaned up the space..”
“We were more than pleased with the professionalism that Sam and his team displayed while working with our condominium association on a much-needed porch project this past autumn. Being that we are self-managed, we needed a team that was willing to work with us on our schedule and take care of our porch repair before the cold months arrived. Sam came out immediately, generated a fair estimate quickly and had his team out shortly after to start the project. Beyond this, Sam communicated with us along the way to ensure everything was going as planned---and he made sure we were satisfied in the end. When the warm weather comes I will look to have Sam and his team back again to stain and seal as well! Thank you, Sam! Great job!!”
“We worked with Sam on multiple projects. Not too long ago, he refinished 2 of our washrooms (complete gutting). Sam's crew did all of the structural, electrical, showers, hut-tub, general plumbing, and stone work). Outcome was simply beautiful (see picture). Now in February 2016, Sam helped us with a major first floor project (opening up 2 walls between rooms, reworking electrical, hardwood flooring, HVAC modifications, complete painting and a number of custom features (like TV over fireplace, some other high-end media cabling, and additional stonework). See the pictures for yourself. Extremely hardworking crew, great attention to detail, flexible, very affordable and highly recommended!”


Visualize Your Future Home

Browse through our gallery for inspiration, showcasing breathtaking kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

Your Questions Answered

Explore commonly asked questions about kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and gain insights into our process and commitment to excellence. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at JSM Group. We’re here to provide clarity and guidance as you embark on your remodeling journey.

The duration varies based on the scope. We provide a detailed timeline during the consultation, ensuring transparency about the project’s timeline.

We offer a wide range of materials and styles to suit your preferences, providing detailed options during the design phase.

Absolutely. We specialize in seamlessly integrating modern appliances into existing kitchen layouts for an updated and efficient culinary space.

Yes, we prioritize eco-friendly solutions and can discuss sustainable options for materials and appliances during the design consultation.

We plan the project meticulously to minimize disruptions, and we communicate the schedule clearly to ensure a smooth remodeling process.

Faucets, showerheads, lighting, and other fixtures can be upgraded to enhance both functionality and aesthetics, providing a modern touch to your bathroom.

We source materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring quality and durability. We provide detailed information on material options during the planning phase.

Absolutely. We specialize in accessible design and can customize the bathroom to meet specific accessibility needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable space.

Absolutely. We provide a one-year labor warranty on all our remodeling projects. Our commitment extends beyond completion, ensuring your satisfaction and addressing any post-completion issues promptly and efficiently.

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